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   getting this error many time a day, on a few servers..
"09:00MSSSPI-3086.1: Size of unrestored log in the redo queue on the mirror database <$OPTION(database_name)> is 371.00 too high (>=95.00) for hswdbp01.  [Policy: DBSPI-3086]"

Tried to go in task,launch mirror activities, but just could not find any help

anyone out their ....
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lcohanDatabase AnalystCommented:

"Unrestored log threshold (set up at the mirror server): helps estimate how long it would take the mirror server to roll forward the log records remaining in its redo queue. We send an alert if the redo queue exceeds a certain threshold, usually between 250 kilobytes (KB) and 500 KB. The actual value may change for each database depending upon the database's workload and behavior patterns.
We run an initial script on the mirror that looks for any databases participating in database mirroring. It sets a baseline log threshold value for each database. Each mirrored database gets the same initial setting.
We run a second script on the mirror server that adjusts the threshold value for any databases that may need a different value due to differing patterns of update activity."


You should be able to chnage the treshold that by using kb article below:


shanjAuthor Commented:
Hi Icohan!
     the information u sent to me is just perfect.
I went thru it a few times but ....
I still am not getting it.

1. I launch the databasemirroring, on the plane warnings, no threshold i set up ( not enabled)

Thus i do not know what i should add their, ..?? any suggestions

appreciate your email.

PS: the 2 articles u sent me explains a lot, but i do not know where the threshold value is set up, and futher more how much should i change it to...
lcohanDatabase AnalystCommented:
Use sp_dbmmonitorhelpalert database_name to see the existing values of the trheshold alert(s)

Then use sp_dbmmonitorchangealert database_name  to set new values for an existing alert(s)

shanjAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your info.

But again, i have done what the document says, but i get NULL and NULL  at the threshold is enabled or no.
bye for your kind patience
shanjAuthor Commented:
The advise was excellent but it did not solve my problem, i have to look somewhere else, maybe hardware, dandwidth..etc..etc..
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