How do I share Application resources between two apps in Android Air

I have two air applications installed on Android 2.2. What I want to do is load App2.swf into a movieclip in App1.swf.


Is this possible?


If I include App2.swf in the APK all works fine. But what I want to do is either load it from a second application folder or from /sdcard/dropbox/App2.swf


My load command var mRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest("file://sdcard/dropbox/App2.swf"); // But it doesn't work !!!
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qz2rg4Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I did not manage to share app resources. I went and included all resources in one application.
I do not know Air, but in Android you might create a URI (not L) resource to load a file from the SD card.  
qz2rg4Author Commented:
No Solution
qz2rg4Author Commented:
Did a workarround
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