Testing the Cisco 6509e

I have just recieved a couple of used cisco 6509e switches and I would like to run it through a battery of tests before putting it into production.  Looking for reccomendations on testing hardware and checking the IOS for any known bugs etc...
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giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Upgrade to the lastest IOS and or CatOS that your hardware supports.

Do a basic config and then connect a computer to each and every port to make sure they come active and work properly.

Try and config it so that you are using each and every feature you plan to use when you put it into production.
FREDARCEAuthor Commented:
The additional commands are also helpful:

Show version
Show mod
Show inventory
Show env
Here's a video showing the high-level testing procedures:


Make sure to check the chassis backplane pins!!!
Don't want you to damage any blades.
FREDARCEAuthor Commented:
thanks for the video.
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