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vbox flex 4

i have questionnaire to make, and i am using avbox for it.
i want to allign a vbox inside a vbox?? i want the inner vbox should start from a small gap from the parent container??
Also can i use radio button in repeater and select it and save the input from it???
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Yes you may use radio buttons in repeater and select it and save its input.

Warm Regards
Deepanjan Das
Here is an example of a TextField used in a repeater and validated for saving.

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Deepanjan Das
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i have multiple ques on single page, have yes or no options as radio buttons
these have been made using repeater , which has arraycollection as dataprovider for the ques and
radio buttons . But i cant select yes/no for each ques. As i try to select the option of one ques and move to second, the first one goes away.

Use RadioButtonGroup to group together radiobuttons that belong together:
thanks guys but repeater does not allow radiobuttongroup????
Any other solution for the prob?