How do i capture POP 3 Packets using VSPAN

I am trying to capture POP3 packets using VSPAN on cisco 3750 , i can see multicast traffic on that vlan but fail to see any pop3 or smtp packets?
I have following questions

1) How do i see the pop3/smtp traffic originatiing from that spicific vlan and have wire shark capture those packets?
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donmanrobbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you paste your monitor session config and also the interface config for the server port and the wireshark port?
Is your wireshark connected to the same switch that has your POP traffic or it a different switch?
khurram_mAuthor Commented:
Wire shark captures the mirror traffic and display it on the screen , but i see unicast traffice for example OSPF traffic and some other junk, but when i filter the out put to display the POP3 trafffic , it does not seems to be there even though i know i am recieving email on that same vlan since i m connected to it. seems to me that pop3 just not showing up even though i have my pc connected to same vlan for hours and i recive close to 50 messages.
khurram_mAuthor Commented:
i will get the out put as soon as possible


khurram_mAuthor Commented:
We no longer required this project to be approched
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