ms sql server - mp3 stored in database?

Posted on 2011-03-10
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Can mp3's be stored in sql database?
Question by:GlobaLevel
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Any binary data can be stored in SQL Database

Just create a field of type VARBINARY(MAX)
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ID: 35097542
but can I use my web page to pull it from there to the client side..thanks
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i suggest put the files in a file system which is not visible/readable by users
and store the path/id of file sin table
then when users want to download it, you can open the file and send to browser by setting "content-type" and using "attachment"

storing files in db looks like a big headache :)
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Hainkurt...thanks for the reply...great suggestion...would your method work in the situation...where we have short mp3..lasting 5 seconds in length and they need to be downloaded rapidly...its a user test to see if they recognize certain sounds...and the test occurs in a small hopefully buffering wont be an issue..which I cant imagine the mp3s are only 5 seconds in lenght...they will arrive at the client in after another...

you can open the file and send to browser by setting "content-type" and using "attachment"
>>not sure what you mean by this...
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5 sec mp3 will be like (1 min=1MB, 1000K/60s = 16KB/s) 80K
this is like 200x300 image file :) user will get it in seconds...

you write a page like getMp3.aspx?id=1234
when this is called it will connect to db, get all the details for that mp3file with id=1234
then read the file on server side, get the first 5 seconds (not a good idea :) random 5 sec from middle is better) and send the 5 sec mp3 file to user (you need some kind of libraries to create on time mp3 files) unless you prepare these samples per file and store permenantly on your server...

here is a code to read and send it to browser

Dim fs As FileStream = New FileStream(mp3Path, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read, FileShare.Read)
Dim br As New BinaryReader(fs)
Dim bytes As Byte() = br.ReadBytes(CInt(fs.Length))

Response.AddHeader("content-disposition", String.Format("attachment; filename={0}", GetFileName(mp3Path)))
Response.ContentType = "audio/mpeg"


Open in new window

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Accepted Solution

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ID: 35098500
in the code above, GetFileName is actually


it will strip out the file name of full path

if mp3Path="c:\music\dance\atb\9pm.mp3", System.IO.Path.GetFileName(mp3Path) will give you "9pm.mp3"

this may be important when user tries to save it on his local machine... if you want browser not pop-up save dialog, remove attachement from above code

Response.AddHeader("content-disposition", String.Format("attachment; filename={0}", GetFileName(mp3Path)))
Response.AddHeader("content-disposition", String.Format("filename={0}", GetFileName(mp3Path)))

if you use some ActiveX object to play mp3 file, just point the src of media file to getMp3.aspx?id=1234 and page will send 5 sec audio to the media player (dont use attachment in this case, or maybe it will be ignord by player, not sure)

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Author Comment

ID: 35112614 really hit the ball our of the park...I appreciate your expertise..little new on the media thing...a few questions..if you dont mind..

get the first 5 seconds (not a good idea :) random 5 sec from middle is better)
>>Not sure what you mean...

this may be important when user tries to save it on his local machine... if you want browser not pop-up save dialog, remove attachement from above code
>> dont want to soon as the mp3 gets to the client and close/exit out as more will be on the way...and dont want to pile up mediaplayers on client..

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ID: 35286363
first 5 seconds is most of the time is just intro and people will not hear anything meaningful...

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