Outlook RPC over HTTP causes ASA5510 to shun connection

We are experincing a peculiar issue with our ASA5510. It acts like it is shunning a remote connection when attampting to make an RPC via HTTP request from an Outlook client. If VPN is connected and we access Outlook Anywhere via LAN address we have no issues.

What leads us to believe we are being shunned is the inability to connect to VPN while outlook is open and attempting its remote connection. If outlook is closed then we can immedietly we can make a VPN connection.

We have disabled threat detection on our ASA in an attempt to pin point this issue. But even when it is enabled the shun does not appear when querying the ASA for shunned hosts.
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hbrumfieldConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We determined this to be an issue with our Barracuda web filter sitting in path to the firewall. A firmware update from Barracuda resolved.
Note sure if there is anything called IRULE on this device...

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SOL7869: The BIG-IP ASM does not support connections using Remote Procedure Call over HTTP
hbrumfieldAuthor Commented:
This links appear to be specific to f5 gear, are you asking if the cisco asa has an irule policy?
the main picture is to create\configure the sticky session on the cisco device.
hbrumfieldAuthor Commented:
Discovered solution by removing web filter from in path and testing.
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