Customer Database or CRM

Hi! I'm looking for a web-based customer database or CRM solution with the following two features:

- Mailing list manager for electronic newsletters
- Ability to integrate with a bulk SMS service/gateway/API

They're really the only two features I need. I don't need anything like trouble tickets, bug tracking, sales projections, and all that stuff you often find in a CRM.

Open source is preferable, but will also consider commercial licensed solutions, possibly SaaS solutions also.

Anything but ASP would be good - e.g. PHP, Perl, Ruby ...

Thanks for your help.
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Julian MatzJoint ChairpersonAsked:
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lenamtlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have created a simple one using Expression Engine

or you can create your own using a Framework like CodeIgniter

or you can use a CMS like Joomla with a CRM extension.

there is a lot of possibilities
Scott MadeiraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Start with SugarCRM.  It is open source and written in PHP.
Julian MatzJoint ChairpersonAuthor Commented:
I've looked at SugarCRM but it seemed like overkill. However, if you can confirm good e-mail marketing and bulk SMS features, I'll install it and give it a try.
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lenamtlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can try vtiger
Julian MatzConnect With a Mentor Joint ChairpersonAuthor Commented:
I wasn't gone on vTiger either. I need something a lot simpler. It looks like I might have to develop something myself. I couldn't find anything else either.
lenamtlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A good and simple CRM is Citrusdb and it is opensource

Julian MatzJoint ChairpersonAuthor Commented:
For reference, this one looks interesting also:

It seems that you can simply disable the modules you don't need - e.g. support system, project management, etc.
Julian MatzJoint ChairpersonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help. I've started making my own CRM. It will be a plugin for Wordpress, and I'll integrate it with MailChimp and Clickatell.
julianmatz: i found this thread searching on EE for a similar solution and was curious what you finally used, what the results were and if you had any recommendations.  I need something very similar to yours and would gladly post this as a point-based question if you are willing to respond.

thanks in advance for your help!
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