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I am in the midst of embarking on writing a Disaster Recovery Plan for our IT Infrastructure including testing etc.

I have found alot of templates etc on this subject but looking for real life documents that have been created and used in real life businesses that I can review and get a better understanding of what is required etc.

If anyone has real life IT Business DR plans they have created and would be so kind to share with me that would be most greatful.

I can provide an email address if required to not have it published on here and will treat as confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone apart from myself.

Many thanks, hope to hear from someone.

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Kent WSr. Network / Systems AdminCommented:
Here's a good one to pick and choose what you need, I've done a couple of models from it.
Kent WSr. Network / Systems AdminCommented:
That heavily heavily depends on your network and it's components...DR for a small network with a few servers is going to be wholly different than a multi-site, hunderds of computers / servers.
There are ways to get it done cheaply, or there are large companies that specialize in DR that are willing to take your money. :)
Also, what level of DR are you trying to acheive?  Replicating data / servers, and / or incoming or outgoing internet access?  If you can provide a small description of your environment, that would help send you to the right resources.  
tessupportAuthor Commented:

What I am looking to achieve is to write a DR or otherwise known as a Business Continuity Plan for IT Services only as the other parts are covered by others in business.

I am just after some real life written documents that people have completed that I can read through and get a feel for how to start this task in hand.  

our environment is as follows:

Main Site:

2 x Firewalls in HA Cluster
SSL VPN Appliance
Web Appliance
Physical Box running Veeam Backup and Replication (Replicated to Data Center - All Servers)
Citrix WANScaler
2 x SANs
3 x vSphere Hosts running 20 VMs comprising of the following servers:

3 DCs
SQL Servers
IIS Servers
Oracle Server
AntiVirus serving Desktops/Laptops
Print Server
Application Servers

3 x XenServer Hosts running 11 VMs comprising of the following servers:

XenApp 6 Application Servers
Virtual Center

Overseas Site:

2 x HA Clustered Firewalls
Physical DC
Citrix WANScaler

Many thanks,

Make sure you understand the purpose of disaster planning. DRP is to ensure the business’s survival, not just to recover computer/Server systems. Please note, that creating a plan will be a new experience and without guidance, a huge amount of time will be spent in learning about disaster recovery.

 I would suggest that you include three essential areas in your document:
(1) network configuration;
(2) current operations procedures;
(3) offsite data storage.
(4) make sure:
    -you plan the mode of communication (Bandwidth) between two sites Production and DR site
    -disaster recovery costs, options, and disaster declaration procedures understandable..
    -you have a sufficient budget to support your disaster recovery program..
    -to test your plan using a worst-case scenarios..

Search template @

Please note:
Keep the DR-Plan documents updated.
Distance between locations is probably not an issue. Having it at a different location is. You may want to have it at a place that is geographically close to you, which could help.
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