Single quote ! (Again)

My audit trail in Access contains the line below.

It works fine until there is an single quote in the BuildStr and then it fails.

How do I amend the "BuildStr=" code below to cater for the single quote.

Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression ''** Address1 Changed From: 17 Main Street , NewYork    To: 17 Main Street , NewYork O'Brien

(Note the surname O'Brien has a single quote)
BuildStr = "** " & ccont.Name & " Changed From: " & ccont.OldValue & "    To: " & ccont.Value & Chr(13) & Chr(10

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Patrick O'DeaAsked:
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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Connect With a Mentor Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
"Singe Quotes are problematic when used in Access criteria expressions "

Can you elaborate on this? I've used the Replace method for many years and have not had trouble with criteria expressions, as long as I escape the single quote.

Patrick O'DeaAuthor Commented:
Actually this line is probably the cause of my error.
It crashes when the is a single quote in my string (e.g. the name O'Brien)

CurrentDb.Execute "insert into [tblAuditlog] (Auditstr,auditDate) values ( '" & AuditDetails & "',#" & Now() & " #)"
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
BuildStr = "** " & ccont.Name & " Changed From: " & ccont.OldValue & "    To: " & chr(34) & ccont.Value & chr(34) & Chr(13) & Chr(10
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Connect With a Mentor Commented:

CurrentDb.Execute "insert into [tblAuditlog] (Auditstr,auditDate) values (" & Chr(34) & AuditDetails & chr(34) & ",#" & Now() & " #)"
Aaron TomoskyConnect With a Mentor SD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Or just wrap Your input with Replace(auditdetails,"'","''")

Doubling up the single quotes is what I've found to work well
sjklein42Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You original code is fine except that you need to "escape" all single quotes in the input string before you construct the command string.

Single quotes embedded in a value need to be escaped by doubling them (two single quotes in a row means one single quote).

I think this can best be done with the replace function.  Before using it in the line you're having trouble with, create a temp variable from AuditDetails by changing all single quotes ' into two single quotes '' and use that variable in your command string.

Unless you escape (double) your single quotes, the final command string, no matter how it is constructed, will not be valid.
DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database ArchitectCommented:
"It works fine until there is an single quote in the BuildStr and then it fails."
Exactly.  Why is why ... contrary to popular belief ... Singe Quotes are problematic when used in Access criteria expressions - for exactly that reason.  Use the Chr(34) ... Double Quote ... as shown above ... to wrap Text values.

Chr(34) works fine for single quotes but shifts the problem to embedded double quotes which will still cause a parse error.

Handling single quotes but not double quotes may be fine for this application, in which case go with the Chr(34) approach as it is more efficient.

If you want to be able to have either single or double quotes in the string without failing, then one or the other of them will need to be escaped (doubled).
DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database ArchitectCommented:
I already elaborated on it above.

Patrick O'DeaAuthor Commented:
Thanks all.

(I do find it amazing that the Microsofts of theis world have not found a better way to handle this matter!)
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
The main annoying thing I find is the lack of a common escape character. Sometimes its Backslash sometimes it's to double up the quote sometimes it's square brackets, etc... As Lin as you know you are looking for the escape character google finds your answer pretty quick.
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