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Hi all,
 I just wonder what Eclipse need to improve in order to make Visual Studio users getting use Eclipse easier. Tks a lot.

PS: for me why Elipse can't  open an existing project by just clicking like in Visual Studio. For example, i create a project and work on it. Then close it and shutdown computer. Next time, i try to reopen same project. I have problem.
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objectsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you don't open project with eclipse, you open workspaces (which contain projects)
you just reopen eclipse and the workspace is opened

having a single project open at a time is too limiting

BeginToLearnAuthor Commented:
why eclipse can't make it as easy as visual studio on this issue?
how does VS work, haven't used it for many years
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trinitrotolueneConnect With a Mentor Director - Software EngineeringCommented:
Eclipse was the open source answer to Microsoft's Visual Studio. This does not mean Eclipse should do everything Visual Studio should do.

take a look at
sarabandeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
begintolearn, eclipse is not so bad regarding workspaces. it can create projects out from a source tree with makefiles what visual studio can only badly and with much more work.

where i have problems with is the low (java) speed (especially regarding intellisense) and the poor editor where even very old versions of vs have advantage. also debugging is much much better in vs.

another issue is that eclipse isn't a unique conception but splitted into hundreds of sub projects (plug-ins) where you might get directed from one forum to the next and nobody feels responsible or even competent.

i  prefer sunstudio on solaris which also is a vs-clone written in java but where at least the developers have overtaken most of the user interface (inclusive most hot keys) so that a vs user gets much faster familiar than with the eclipse.

CEHJConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>>PS: for me why Elipse can't  open an existing project by just clicking like in Visual Studio.

It can. Right click and choose open/close. I generally keep as few open as possible.

The main problem with Eclipse is ... it's written in Java ;)
BeginToLearnAuthor Commented:
Any suggestions to improve Eclipse to make it much better? or incorporate between  Eclipse vs Netbean...? tks a lot. I just wan to find a topic to research about their disadvantages .Please advise :)
>>Any suggestions to improve Eclipse to make it much better?

Rewrite it in C with a cross-platform windowing library? Shouldn't take you long ;)
BeginToLearnAuthor Commented:
 Any other recommendations such as the pro vs con of eclipse, netbean...?
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