How do I setup separte SSL certificate for diffrent domains in Exchange 2007/2010

Hi all,

I have a question... We have installed an Exchange 2010 on our company... we own sevral of companies an dto them we have domains
so now we have bought one certificate for each domainaddress... we have installed one certificate and it works fine...

But we have more domains on the server (we have installed the server and separeted the comapanys) and now will we install the other
cert on the exchange server and wonder how??

Why we want it like this is because when users go to our diffrent etc. shouldnt they get any error message
like they gets to day. Its not so nice that they get an cert error...

So my question is how solve this?

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AkhaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes sure, once you have it on one server you export it and install it on others
you need to get one certificate with multiple SAN (Subject Alternate Names)
Saab_BcssAuthor Commented:
Can you give me example on who sell this cert?
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godady, verisign, thawte just to name a few

it is called SAN or UCC certificates
Saab_BcssAuthor Commented:
sorry  I duoblle check...

If I by this cert I can do exacly what I discribe i question and I can use for exempel

On same server?
exactly not only on the same server but in the same certificate
Saab_BcssAuthor Commented:
And last questions

I will install it av all other certificates in Exchange...

Thanks for the help...
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