GX520 Will Not Boot Past Splash Screen

Dell Optiplex gX520 will not boot beyond the splash screen.

Unable to go into the BIOS; computer does not acknowledge keystrokes on the keyboard so pressing the F2 does not work.

There are not post code beeps.

The lights on the front panel are 1 and 4. Both are green. Dell's online diagnostic for lights does not include a description or explanation for this pattern.

Also, the floppy drive light is lit up green, and running, though there is nothing in the floppy drive.

KIP HelpAsked:
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Hi rjfhelp

I would start by opening the box up and removing the cabel to the floppy drive and CD drive.

Then you could replace the RAM chips (if you have any spares)

It could be harware related, and the fact that the floppy light is always on would maybe point to that.


KIP HelpAuthor Commented:
Further troubleshooting:

Opened the tower, disconnected the floppy drive, the hard drive and the CD drive. Computer still freezes at the Dell Logo screen, F2 and F12 still do not work, and the diagnostics lights are 2 and 3, which Dell say indicate a hard drive or floppy drive failure.
KIP HelpAuthor Commented:
Additional troubleshooting:

After disconnecting all drives, I was able to get to a screen that says:

Alert! Previous attempts at booting this system have failed at checkpoint [Ithr].

In my previous experience, this has signaled the end of the line for these models (they are no longer under warranty, so replacing the motherboard is not feasible). Is this a motherboard problem, or possibly a power supply problem? Or is it time to get the user a new desktop?
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KIP HelpAuthor Commented:
If any USB devices are plugged in to any USB ports, the computer freezes at the splash screen.

I can only get the error message if all devices are unplugged.
I'd favour a new PC in that case, you could find yourself wasting hour upon hour messing around with something that is on it's last legs...

They all have to die one day :(
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