Too much is printed.

Posted on 2011-03-11
Last Modified: 2012-08-13
Given the code below
$dag = $dagen_1a;
//echo "<tr>";
$cols = 0;
$rows = 0;
while ($dag <= $sista_vakt_dagen)
$dag2 = ($dag - 75000);
//Print date (first print column)
echo "<tr><td valign=\"top\" height=\"20px\" class=\"vaktvisning\"><strong>".date('Y-m-d',$dag)."</strong></td>";
$SQL1 = " SELECT * FROM medlem_vakt_test LEFT JOIN bryggplatser ON medlem_vakt_test.medlemsnr = bryggplatser.medlemsnr  WHERE (medlem_vakt_test.dagkod1 between '$dag2' AND '$dag') OR (medlem_vakt_test.dagkod2 between '$dag2' AND '$dag') ORDER BY medlem_vakt_test.dag_bev1 ASC ";
$ret1 = mysql_query($SQL1);
if (!$ret1) { echo( mysql_error()); }
else {
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($ret1)) {
            $id = $row['id'];
            $fornamn = $row["fornamn"];
            $efternamn = $row["efternamn"];
            $medlemsnr = $row['medlemsnr'];
            $telnr = $row['telnr'];
            $mobilnr = $row['mobilnr'];
            $bryggplats = $row['bryggplatser.bryggplats'];
//Print mooring nr (second print column)
echo "<td><span class=\"style36\">$bryggplats</span></td>";
//Print yacht owners' first name (third print column)
echo "<td><span class=\"style36\">$fornamn</td>";
//Print yacht owners' last name (fourth print column)
echo "<td><span class=\"style36\">$efternamn</span></td>";
//Print yacht owners' telephone number (fifth print column)
echo "<td><span class=\"style36\">$telnr</span></td>";
//Print yacht owners' cell phone number (sixth print column)
echo "<td><span class=\"style36\">$mobilnr</span></td>";
echo "</tr>";
$dag = $dag + 60*60*24;

The expected printout:
2011-05-08          62            Peter               Taylor                       0752-745041     0708-148319
2011-05-09          90            Sergio             Gonzales                  0738-990711     0708-990711
2011-05-10          91            Sergio             Gonzales                  0738-990711     0708-990711
2011-05-11          254          John                Fitzgerald                 0719-123456
This is how it is printed:
2011-05-08          62            Peter               Taylor                       7450410             0708-148319
2011-05-09          90            Sergio             Gonzales                  0738-990711      0738-990711
91          Sergio      Gonzales       0738-990711           0738-990711            
2011-05-10          90            Sergio              Gonzales                  0738-990711       0738-990711
91          Sergio      Gonzales       0738-990711           0738-990711       
2011-05-11          254          John      Fitzgerald                 0719-123456      
When a name appears twice; i. e. on two dates, it comes up as doubles. That's not wanted.
How can I get it to print out the way I want it?
Question by:lericson
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Expert Comment

by:Randy Downs
ID: 35108673
Try using DISTINCT - Used to select unique records. Only unique values are returned.


LVL 143

Accepted Solution

Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3] earned 500 total points
ID: 35108747
you shall want to use GROUP BY for your query ...

an interesting article to read in that context:

Author Comment

ID: 35109537
Thanks for your reply.
With this SQL sentence:
$SQL1 = " SELECT * FROM medlem_vakt_test LEFT JOIN bryggplatser ON medlem_vakt_test.medlemsnr = bryggplatser.medlemsnr  WHERE (medlem_vakt_test.dagkod1 between '$dag2' AND '$dag') OR (medlem_vakt_test.dagkod2 between '$dag2' AND '$dag') GROUP BY medlem_vakt_test.dag_bev1, medlem_vakt_test.dag_bev2 ";
I get
2011-05-08 62 Peter Taylor   7450410 0708-148319
2011-05-09 90 Sergio Gonzales  0738-990711 0738-990711
2011-05-10 90 Sergio Gonzales  0738-990711 0738-990711
which is not wrong in itself, but I'd like to have the last line above like
2011-05-10 91 Sergio Gonzales 0738-990711  0738-990711
I. e. second column 91 instead of 90.
How could I achieve that?
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Expert Comment

by:Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]
ID: 35109621
then you are grouping by the wrong columns, or not enough.
what column is that 90/91 coming from? add that to the group by ...

Author Comment

ID: 35109800
The column 90/91 is coming from is bryggpltser.bryggplats
If I group by bryggpltser.bryggplats, I get this outprint:
2011-05-08 62 Peter Taylor7450410 0708-148319
2011-05-09 90 Sergio Gonzales  0738-990711 0738-990711
91 Sergio Gonzales 0738-990711 0738-990711
2011-05-10 90 Sergio Gonzales 0738-990711 0738-990711
91 Sergio Gonzales 0738-990711 0738-990711
It is repeated twice. Please, give me an advice.
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Expert Comment

by:Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]
ID: 35116873
>Please, give me an advice.
well, actually, I gave you some advice in giving the link to the article which describes the issue in general.

you need to find why it is "duplicated", aka which of the columns in the group by you need to remove to avoid what you consider a duplicate.

Author Closing Comment

ID: 35117768
Thanks! Excellent article.

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