MySQL Master to Master To slave Replication

Ok, I've been looking and can't seem to come up with a answer on this.

Right now I have a Master To Master Replication in place for part of my failover system in place. Though lately the servers have been starting to slow down a lot because we have a lot of reporting that is going on and it's affect the software that powered by the MySQL Database.

So what i want to do with throw in a third computer as a slave just for these reports. Something like this

[M1] <-> [M2]

So if M2 is currently the active computer in my fail over system, what I'm wondering is if the new data sent to M1 is also replicated down to S1.
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PyromanciConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Never mind, I found it. Add this to my config file.
log_slave_updates = 1

The data won't go into S1 unless M1 gets back alive and passes binlog to it. Check Multi-Master-Mysql (documentation is pretty rubbish, but software is just great), which is bunch of scripts that will take care of this situation (and couple others in Multi-Master scenario).
PyromanciAuthor Commented:
I looked at MMM earlier before i posted and the problem is, that MMM requires a virtual IP (if i understood the documentation correctly when i read. I do agree it's documentation is pretty shitty). We do not have that.

Our server sit in data centers M1 is in NY and M2 in Denver and S1 here in our office. So i don't have a virtual IP i can float between M1 and M2.


Keep in mind to have separate server-ids. One more thing there, if you use both as write nodes, you won't be able to safely switch the slave to replicate of other master.

PyromanciAuthor Commented:
Found answer to problem else where.
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