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Whats the best code review tool for java. I should be open source....
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gajmpConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
we have decided to use Review Board... Thanks for your suggestion
George K.Commented:
Here are some options

•Jupiter -

•IBM's Collaborative Code Review plugin for eclipse -

•Eclipse COLA real-time shared editing -
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gajmpAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your suggestion.. In our application i believe bugs will be very very less... but i want to check at functionality level and check impact. So we will do review the code manually... I want tool to review and put comment and discuss with developer and finalize the same. All the discussion should be available in dashboard. I need tool to review manually once the developer check in their work to SVN repository
Sathish David Kumar NArchitectCommented:
above all tool have some code standard that is used to optimize ur code. not only bug finding.
gajmpAuthor Commented:
We have decided to use the open source tool... and select this...
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