Linksys/Cisco WRV210 VPN Router Drops VPN Connection - Router Stops responding

I have 3 WRV210 VPN Routers.

1 at my primary business.
1 at a home office.
1 at a secondary location.

I have found after about 24hrs:
- the IPsec VPN connections are lost.
- the router stops responding as a router - at the primary location the router is my VPN connection, my DHCP server and router (for internet connections via other PC's on the network)
- I cannot ping the router or access the admin page.

I have found that unplugging the routers and pluggin them back in sometimes resolves all issues.
Sometimes I cannot restore the VPN connections.

I have upgraded the firmware on all routers.
I have tried hard resetting and re-configuring.

I have seen lot's of hard feedback on issues on the web.  Should I abandon these routers and find another hardware solution?

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MikeKaneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Bad hardware maybe, but unlikely that 2 different devices each develop the same hardware malfunction unless they were part of a bad manufacture 'batch'.    

If you have latest firmware and the router stops responding to pings... I would contact Linksys/cisco and open a hardware issue to check of you have faulty hardware.   If it is a recent purchase, you might be able to just exchange it for a new unit.      

Does this lockup happen to only 1 router?  

If it is just at 1 location, you might try just swapping that 1 unit for another to see if the issue 'follows' the hardware to the new location.  

swedishmotorsAuthor Commented:
2 of the 3 routers become unresponsive.
I have alread yswapped locations and the problems follow.
I will contact linksys/cisco and report back.
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swedishmotorsAuthor Commented:
I spoke w/ Cisco Small Business.  They States the issue is documented and requires a firmware downgrade - to WRV210_1.1.17.9.  I am always skeptical when I I'm told to downgrade - why don't they release a fix?

Anyway I have tried for 2 days and countless time to reset one of the router but am unable.
I have tried-
Hold reset 15 sec
Hold reset 15 sec  unplug
Hold reset 15 sec plug in
Hold reset 15 sec plug in continue holding reset 15 sec
Hold reset 15 sec plug in continue holding reset 15 sec unplug

and all of these at 30sec, 45, 60.

I am going crazy.  Is there a definitive way to rest the router?

Sounds like the procedure to just erase the config.   I dont believe that has anything to do with a firmware downgrade.     The only way I know to change versions on a linksys/cisco is to use the GUI's Administration tab and upload a new firmware version to the unit.   After which, a simple reset will load the new OS.  

swedishmotorsAuthor Commented:
Issue is I am unable to load the GUI.
I can ping the IP but cannot load the GUI in a browser.

Question is how do I force a hard reset if it does not respond to the reset button?
>>Issue is I am unable to load the GUI.
Wasn't aware of that.  

IIRC, these routers do not have ssh or telnet access.  

The way I've always reset to factory defaults was to power off, then hold in the reset button as you reconnect power, hold for 45 seconds, then release.     That's it.  

If you can ping an IP but not load a browser, I would check to make sure you don't have another device on the network with the same IP and you are pinging the wrong device.    

swedishmotorsAuthor Commented:
After communicating w/ cisco small business I have decieded to send back the 3 wrv210's.
My last resort was to downgrade the firmware which cisco stated was the documented fix.
No dice.
I have done everything possible to troubleshoot all three of them.

I'll buy a cisco replacement - but not a wrv210, these are junk.
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