USB port wont recognise anything

I am having problem with Black berry, it's not showing as external drive in PC. Then I reliased not my usb is showing in

pc. It;s not showing in computer management either. The thing that I figured out is that computer is not getting the

driver for usb's.

Things that I did:

I am using Windows XP

* tried to update drivers from device manager - It says windows cant find better drivers than this, but actually in device

 manager, it show that tehre are no drivers for that usb.
* I tried to disable, enable and delete, readd that device, still no go.
* I copied the drivers from other computer, for that drive, still no go. Device Manager says there are no drivers.
* Tried different USB ports on PC (tried the working mouse one), tried different USB drive.
* tried to lock and unlock the usb ports in sys registry.
* not to mention the number of restarts
* tried different profiles.
* tried driver doctor, it find new drivers and installed on pc, device manager still shows that there are no drivers.
* Computer has usb printer, usb keyboard and mouse, that worls well.
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orangutangConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also, try removing all USB drivers with:
, let it reinstall them, and run:
rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 C:\WINDOWS\inf\usbstor.inf
Is the Blackberry in mass storage mode? It won't be recognized unless it's turned on. Mine will ask when it's plugged into USB, but that may or may not be the case on your device. What model Blackberry do you have?
Have you installed the drivers for your blackberry or does it not recognize even recognize the blackberry when you connect it to the USB?
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Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
try swapping the Blackberry into one of teh working USB - mouse/keyboard
If that doesn't work, reboot PC & see if things get sorted out.
Most Computer's BIOS has settings for the USB Port.
Check the settings and if not sure then reset the BIOS settings to the default.
Adding to @number-1 suggestion. Test on another users pc. If it still doesnt work, try another cable for the usb and blackberry.
tech1guyAuthor Commented:
I tried on differnt PC and it worked. MAIN THING: right now we are talking about USB flash only, as neither USB flash and BB is showing up.

BB is in  mass storage mode. Even black berry worked on other PC, i copied that drivers and tried on this pc. No GO.
pagoscheConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Look in the disk managment screen under computer managment and see if the blackberry shows up in there.  If you have other mapped drives, the blackberry could be trying to use a drive letter that is already in use and you can change the drive letter that the blackberry is trying to use if that is the case.  Or try uninstalling all USB ports, rebooting and then reinstalling the USB port drivers when it boots up and recognizes them.
Did you happen to look at this ..
To add to @speshalyst's suggestion, here is a link to an issue with the blackberry usb connection.

Sorry, this was also suggested by @brd24gor, but has a little more details on determining if this is the issue and how to fix it.
Also, maybe check here:
Allan MartinsICT TechnicianCommented:
Wait! so other massive storage aren't working either? I mean, pendrive, external harddisk, etc... maybe the option to use USB with a Massive Storage device could be disabled on the BIOS
tech1guyAuthor Commented:

I could fnd the option only for mass stogare for usb in BIOS, diabling USB in bios will disable usb maouse nd keyboard too. I tried this.
Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
if all else fails a fresh instal of the OS shoudl get it back in order.
What worked? Sorry, pagosche, I didn't see your post.
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