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We're about to put quota on our Lotus Notes mail so I did some testing first. One thing that I found out is when someone exceeded the Quota they cannot send out an email but able to receive emails which is fine with me. The problem is once the user deleted enough emails and clean up the Trash, unless I compact their database with 'Compact -B', that mail file is still recognized as exceeding the quota.

I just imagine that there will be a lot of users calling me asking their mail file to be compacted and I don't want that. Is there a good solution for this? I know Exchange will recognize the size reduction but I'm not sure my Domino works this way.
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I'd be interested to know if Domino can recognise the deletions without doing the Compact too as I don't think it can and don't think there is a way around it. The only thing you can do is set a warning level that will prompt the users ever time they enter their mail file when they reach it. Although in my experience, users tend to ignore it.
The other thing to do is look into setting up regular archiving. Users shouldn't be forced to delete emails they don't want to no matter how big their mail file is. There is usually a legal requirement for them to keep records of certain things for a certain amount of time depending on industry and country.
This functionality was introduced in Domino 8.x, so if you are running 8 your users won't be calling you once you configure your server.

For more information check "Detecting when a mail file exceeds its quota" section in the Administration guide, also on the WEB


We have a Program setup on our server. Go to Lotus Domino Administrator>configurations tab>Programs

Create a new Program and fill in the fields as follows :

Program name :compact
Command Line : mail B
Server to run on :'yourserver'

Then choose the time of day and how many days you want it to run. I have mine set to start at 2am Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri
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coronoahcoroAuthor Commented:
I have Domino 7 currently. So there is no way to have a better solution in my current system?
coronoahcoroAuthor Commented:
@intouchsystems: That's part of my plan but what will happen if most mail databases exceeds their quota during work hours? I have to compact them one by one during work hour which also will affect the server performance.
If it happens during work time then yes I guess so, but for me whenever I compact someones mail during the day there is no noticeable performance drop on the server, according to the server tasks view when I compact someone it takes maybe 2% of the server load to process, and is done in about 5 minutes for a 2gb mail file.

I would also put warning on peoples mail files to warn them when they are about to hit their quota, you can do this in the menu where you set the quota.

When people are approaching their limit here, I advise them to go to the all documents view and sort by size to delete the emails with the biggest attachments, this has more of an effect than deleting lots of text based emails.

On domino 8.5 you have a meter to tell you how much of your quota has been used, I find this helps users manage their mail better.
coronoahcoroAuthor Commented:
Can you do the email warning with Domino 7? I tried to do that with no luck. When users reach their threshold and quota, their client just give them a pop-up message everytime they try to create a new email.
I believe it pops a warning message on your screen warning you your about to reach your threshold, and yes this is possible in Domino 7.

The meter as picture attached is only available in Domino 8+
i have to correct myself - the functionality "Detecting when a mail file exceeds its quota" was introduced in Domino 7.x

Open administration guide and look for "Detecting when a mail file exceeds its quota" section


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coronoahcoroAuthor Commented:
So it seems that I can use the first option on that list. But can I send an email notification to users if they exceed their mail quota? I'm just thinking how is that possible because the Router will reject the email notification because the user already exceed the quota.
coronoahcoroAuthor Commented:
never mind I think I haven't set up the Quota Controls on the Configuration Settings
coronoahcoroAuthor Commented:
Ok I think, I've set up it correctly but it still doesn't work the way I want it to. I set the 'Over Warning Threshold Notifications' to send every 1 min (as a test) and it only send the warning once when the test user get an email. After a few mins there is Threshold warning notification. Did I miss something?
1 minute is rather short interval, considering router task load, number of files it needs to check etc
I would set it to 10 minutes as a test to see how it works for you
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