Active Directory Authentication response time

I need a way to test how long AD takes to authenticate a user. How can I measure this?
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Not aware of any tool other than looking on the wire with Netmon or Wireshark.
There are a few Kerberos tests out there, kinit on Linux works rather well, that can test its response time.  You can also use some LDAP querying tools to test it.
jjmartineziiiAuthor Commented:
Can I get examples of tools that run in windows or a vm appliance with the tools installed already?

I don't want to capture packets with wireshark.
You could try testing the LDAP connecting. There is actually an accepted answer here already.
jjmartineziiiAuthor Commented:
Well, AD is working. I want to verify speeds. That program only lets me browse LDAP but not do any testing. I already have it.
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