Disk provisioning in vmware

why is the vsphere provisioned storage on the summary pager larger than what I specified the provisioned size of the resource allocation page?
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phantom024Connect With a Mentor Commented:
A few things can impact this.  As mentioned above a snapshot will grow in size over time and will make the provisioned storage grow higher than what is seen within the guest os.  In addition the provisioned storage of a powered on VM will also add in the memory swap file of the VM.  Other things can reduce this number as well though, such as thin provisioning the vmdk files.
Joseph GanSystem AdminCommented:
Have you set any upper bound for storage resources?
droydenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you been using snapshots?
totalimpactAuthor Commented:
yes it was my snapshots.

thank you guys.
totalimpactAuthor Commented:
I now notice a slight increase in the provisioning and I believe that is my swap files.
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