Re-Partition mirrorred hard drives SBS2003

Have a HP server with MS SBS2003 server.
Has 2 physical hot-swap 72Gb hard drives which, during installation, were partitioned into C & D drives of approx 20Gb & 50Gb respectively. Drives are mirrorred usign software RAID functionality built into SBS2003, using the Disk Management console.
Now C is down to 100Mb free with all possible Disk Cleanups etc having been run.
Is it possible to re-partition the drives to allow C to expand using some of the free space on D and if so, is any special software required or can it be done via Windows Disk Management?
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You can NOT repartition C drive without 3rd party software. (not even on workstation O/S)

I myself had a similar issue and i used Acronis Disk Director and repartitioned the C drive in about 5min without ever using the software before.  Worked like a charm.
Be specific.  Did you configure the RAID to present 2 different disk drives, so effectively the partitioning is done on the RAID?  (In that case this is NOT a partitioning problem,)

Or is the RAID presenting a single disk that you then partitioned within windows into C & D?

If it is the former case, then you are just going to have to do a full backup, rebuild the RAID, and restore.  That is because you aren't really using partitions.  From windows perspective, you have 2 physical disk drives and through software you want to turn them into one.  (Now you know why it is impossible).

If this is windows-only partitioning, and the RAID is only presenting a single disk drive to the O/S, then you can repartition via diskpart
here is a nice tutorial
Hmmm.. Since it is a mirrored raid all you really have are two copies of the same drive.  You could break the raid, repartition using a software app like partition magic or acronis, and once successful just rebuild the partition.  What is sweet about doing it this way is that if the partition fails for whatever reason you can always go back and mirror off of the other drive :)
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Sorry wrong link(s) below for some commercial software

A few MSFT articles here on how to extend the C drive (look at descriptions)
I presume you are using RAID 1 (mirroring)...

If so, rellott66 above has correct answer...

+ Break the RAID

+ Use 3rd Party s/w to repartition as you desire

+ Make sure all is working fine

+ If fine, re-mirror from newly partitioned drive, if not re-mirror from the old original

You never
Any luck?
apsystems123Author Commented:
Screenshot of Disk Management screenHere is a screenshot of the Disk Management screen which I hope will provide the answer to dlethe's question. Yes it is RAID1, I like the sound of rellott66 solution, however a colleague has stated that if this does not go to plan, we would not be able to then re-mirror from the original drive.
Out of curiosity, how does the screenshot answer the question?  Hes using a 2003 server which does not allow native resizing once the drive has been created without wiping or a third party tool.  As to what your friend said, I would like to know why it would fail?  Always willing to learn something new even if I am an old dog...

Since he hasn't answered in a while the point may be moot though...
apsystems123Author Commented:
I'd hoped the screenshot might have answered dlethe's question
"Be specific.  Did you configure the RAID to present 2 different disk drives, so effectively the partitioning is done on the RAID?  (In that case this is NOT a partitioning problem,)
Or is the RAID presenting a single disk that you then partitioned within windows into C & D?"

But I guess it may not have then, sorry guys

sorry.. my problem for not realizing it was the 'author' who replied :) :)

I thought someone was trying to show you their setup :)

Ah, should not be answering posts when totally fatigued.... again, my apologies.  I'll let dlethe answer the question as to whether this is what he wanted.
You are using windows native software mirroring.   Not a hardware based controller.
Technically, you *could* break the mirror, so that disk 0 is still the boot and disk 1 is separate.  Disk1 C -> E:  and Disk1 D: -> K:

Then play some resizing games, but they are dangerous and will not let you expand C into disk 3 in such a way that you could use the computer if you lost a drive.

For one thing, why all the paging space?  This is way out of whack for most people.  You could just move it to disk 2 or disk 3 and then you would have an extra 50GB of free space to expand C.

Bottom line, best way is to get one of many good repartitioning software packages  (that works with dynamic disks) that will let you resize the F: volume to give you temporary work space then use it to dedicate disk 0 & disk 1 entirely to the "C" drive, and put much less swap (don't even mirror it unless you have to) on disk 2 or disk 3.

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His picture only shows that the page file RESIDES on D...
NOT that it takes the whole partition!
There is NO indication as to how big it is!
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