Windows XP - Blue screen at boot up and restarts

I have a PC which has this problem:-

On boot up comes up "windows XP dod not start up peoprely" meessage and the normlal soptions like select safe mode, aslt known confirg etc etc.

But. which ever method you select it goes through the boot up process displays blue stop screen, and then beeps and reboots. The blue screen is displayed so quickly that cannot read it!

I thought I would try installing XP on the PC in a different folder - but when I do Windows XP install tells me that the drive is not properly formatted for an install - and I of course do not want to reformat the drive as I will loose the data.

Any ideas as to how I can get this machine to work again?
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edbedbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This might be because of a corrupt system hive. As your computer is starting, type the F8 key every couple of seconds. When the Boot Mode" menu appears, select disable auto restart.

This will allow you to see the message in the BSOD before restarting. Post back with the message.
Raheman M. AbdulSenior Infrastructure Support Analyst & Systems DeveloperCommented:
1. Try the last known good ......  ( press F8 as soon as your PC starts)
2. Try VGA mode only
3. Try to do a system restore and go back 1 week or so
I think its an hardware issue (Hard Disk or C drive is corrupted) as such you are receiving error message drive is not properly formatted.

My suggestion when you are installing New OS, in the installation process After you agree to the terms and conditions select the other drive Like D or E and try to install it . to not loose the data select the option leave the current file system intact with no changes.
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what did you do before this happened? did you alter any services or install hardware?

sometimes if you disable an annoying service like windows update, then try to update IE or MSE then reboot when it tells you it will pop up a BSOD telling you there's a system_service_exeption and that prevents windows from booting becuase the required service to start an operation is not present, (windows update needs to be ran at startup to patch files that are not possible to be patched while windows is running) disabling this is NOT recommended.

most of the time it is caused by buggy drivers. Try to get into safe mode to remove those and if you cannot under any circumstance, then reformatting might be the only option.

If so and you still can't access safe mode you may need to reformat.

In order to save your data I recommend booting a recovery live linux distro and saving all data to external drives or different parittions. Back up all data to those and then reformat your OS drive and reinstall windows is all else fails.
first of all you need to run CHKDSK in recovery console from xp CD.if it success some times pc will boot normally
press R on first pharse of setup screen, select installation, type password or enter with blank
chkdsk c: /p
it certainly looks like a problem disk to me; what i do then is :
-backup my data
-run the proper diag on the disk - if ok, you can start repairing it, either by running chkdsk, or a repair install :
- you can also boot from a bootable cd, and post the minidump here for more info; find it in : windows\minidumps

thiis can help too :
Anurag AgarwalCommented:
buddy it seems tht there is some problem with sectors in hard disk due to which it is stating  "drive is not properly formatted for an instal  " one more thing if possible pls check the blue screen msg, if it states some error like "Dumping memory..... etc" then there is one more issue ie with RAM (if possible check it on some other frnds computer Ram and hard disk seprately )

Mawallace the best idea is to first secure ur data, take a bootable cd, boot the system and through dos mode try to copy the data and secure it as today or later ur disk needs to be formated due to mentioning of err msg of not properly formated...........

 may u can try a software nortan ghost to back up ur data
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