Exchange 2003 Mail not flowing Inbound / outbound / internal / external

The situation:
Exchange 2003 DC (1 of a few DC's in local LAN)
Barracuda Internet Filtering Solution on the LAN which is public MX for the domain ('d to internal address.

Up til 3 days ago everything working fine until one day adding a user in AD, couldn't specify Mail box store.

Called Microsoft, they said the Organization in Exchange wasn't correct, so he had us change the legacyexchangeDN using adsi edit to get rid of the organization,

so instead of
/o=My Exchange Organization/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=SystemMailbox{1B1FDA.....

it was now
/o=/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=SystemMailbox{1B1FDA.....

This actually got the Exchange Services to start up again (with the exception of the MTA Stacks which in my case is not needed since there is only 1 exchange 2003 box in native mode)

Now the problem:
No mail flow in / out / internal / external
Mail is shown in ESM mailboxes but not in outlook or OWA.

So if you send a message and monitor System Manager's Mailbox, you will see 1 new email. The barracuda Device sees the email and shows that it let it pass to the Excahnge Server. But the mail doesn't show up in user's Outlook, OWA or even using the utility mdbvu32.exe

Even internally from's to or any other internal user to internal user....

To test I created a new Mailbox store, created a brand new user in AD and attached his outlook to it.
What should be a very routine proceedurs is not working.

Any help would be appreciated.  We have Microsoft ont he phone again and it's been 7 more hours.

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fuvegesConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
So, we set a new storage group and database; mail is flowing. Just a matter of getting historical data into it. This is not the answer as to what was going on with the mail but at least it gets us back upand running!!
Thanks for your help!
I feel for you, had to recover ours last week.

Have you enabled logging and tracking to see what is really going on?
and diagnostic logging:

# Open the Exchange System Manager
# * Drill Down To Administrative Groups
# * First Administrative Group
# Servers
# Find your Server
# Properties, Diagnostic Logging Tab
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fuvegesAuthor Commented:
Yes to both logging and diagnostics...  
I see mail comming and going. Just doesnt get to users Outlook on any mahcine or OWA from anywhere I try...  I wonder when Exchange shows the mail in the user's mailbox, but it's not in the Inbox, or any other folder for that matter... tha it is stuck somehere not in queue...

Microsoft just got mail flowing as I was writing this. I will report back with what they did...
From the local delivery queue it goes to the store - specific mailbox. At that point it is shown to the user.

Glad it works! :) time to pop up a beer!
fuvegesAuthor Commented:
After a reboot it is broke again!!! If I dont get this resolved until tomorrow I will post the fix...

The flow sounds good store, mailbox, shown to user, ecept the part about being shown to user. When I used wdbvu32.exe to view information store for that user, the mail is NOT in there... In ESM the mailbox items increases by one every single time I send an email... I sent 12 emails to, and 12 showed up in the mailbox for that user. When I send an email from that user to anwhere inside or out, the email shows in sent...

Here's a question... the LegacyExchange DN should start with an organization but Microsoft had me change it from

And then mail worked for a few minutes until they rebooted the exchange server...

Not sure about the legacyexchange dn...

Have you tried accessing the mailbox via pop3? maybe its a mapi issue?
I'm thinking that if you see the mail in the mailbox (ESM) the email is delivered. So something is happening after that, between the client (owa or outlook) and the server.
Yup, glad it's over.
fuvegesAuthor Commented:
Mail is flowing
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