amazon hosting issue using php CI app

permission denied errors among others
Randy WakePresident & Cloud Solutions ArchitectAsked:
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remixedcatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
please ask them for help. If they will not help you I suggest finding another hosting company.
use the shell commands to set the attributes to the files needed most apps need 777 to be set when initial config then back to 644.

in order to assist you further we need more specifics on the server and the "other" things listed as well as app specifics. Thank you.
Randy WakePresident & Cloud Solutions ArchitectAuthor Commented:
We are trying to upload our finalized website and web content to the AWS server instance but are unable to do so.  When trying to "Connect to Instance" we get a PuTTy login window but will not allow us to authenticate using any of the credentials provided to us by Amazon.  We are accessing the interface via ElasticFox.  We have no clue how to access the Server nor upload the content onto the Server.  Please help!!!!
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