Sonicwall Firewall TZ210 and internal Cisco 2811


I am attempting to add a Sonicwall TZ210 at an office with a Cisco 2811 handling the internal routing.

I've connected the TZ210 and the 2811 on their own subnet.  Both can communicate fine.  The problem occurs when I connect the internet connection to the TZ210 and attempt to access the internet.  I'm not able to from any computer on any vlan.

According to Sonicwall, the internal subnet static routes should be added.  I've completed that according to this article,

I'm not seeing any packets being dropped according to the packet monitor.  I've also turned off the IP spoofing.  ANy suggestions?  I'm thinking it has to do with natting I had configured on the CIsco router.

The original config for the cisco router is below(minus the phone stuff).  The tz210 is connected to the fa0/0.  The route of last resort was changed to the ip of the tz210.
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digitapConnect With a Mentor Commented:
cool...that really explains a lot. it seemed you'd covered all of your bases.
More than likely, it's a 'default gateway' problem.
can you post a diagram?
can you post screen shots of the route? from your question, you've got the essentials and should be passing traffic. can you ping the LAN interface of the sonicwall from the cisco? can you ping the cisco interface (fa0/0) from the sonicwall? are there any ACLs on the cisco that might be left over from it's original deployment?
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VSUTechAuthor Commented:

Yes to all your questions.  I can manage the sonicwall from inside the sonicwall just fine.

I've added the route below sonicwall route
VSUTechAuthor Commented:
Attached below is a quick network layout network layout
so, from you network diag, the address object call "network behind sonicwall" represents the 10.x.x.x network?
VSUTechAuthor Commented:
It turned out to be an issue with the time warner modem.  I had to power cycle it.  I'm going to have to give them a call since it seems to be finicky.

Thanks for all the help!
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