I want Ask.com to let go of the address bar in Internet Explorer.

If I enter any address (google.com, http://www.experts-exchange.com, ...) into the the IE address bar of a client's workstation, IE doesn't navigate to the address, instead it runs an Ask.com search on the address.

- I've uninstalled all third party IE tool-bars from her machine.
- There's no indication that Ask.com is installed in the Add or Remove Programs utility.
- I'm running Symantec Endpoint Protection on her workstation, and a full scan comes up clean, but I'm open to running additional scans on the machine.

How do I make Ask.com let go of the address bar?
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Brano254Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try to use Toolbarcop to remove any hidden IE addons causing redirection to ask.com (not all IE addons and browser helper objects are listed in Add or remove programsin control panel.).


Also check your DNS settings in Windows (you might be using wrong DNS servers with redirection to ASK.com) (try to set DNS servers manually e.g. free google DNS servers and

younghvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That one can be really hard to remove.
We've had a few complaints about it.

This will remove it entirely:

You can also do a Windows Explorer search of your hard drive and delete the various references to ask.com

The download and install from www.ccleaner.com and run the "Registry" function - that will remove all traces of it.
jdanaAuthor Commented:
That was an especially nasty issue.  Thanks!
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