How to uninstall Apps R12 from Linux completely?

I am totally new for Apps R12, and want to uninstall it from my linux system, so that I can reinstall it.
I need steps to do that.
Please suggest

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Devinder Singh VirdiLead Oracle DBA TeamAsked:
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
$ORACLE_HOME/oratab I think is where the items are defined.
The reason you can not start the listener might be cause the last DB shutdown was unclean.
You need to check the error log and if needed to "repair" the db at which point the listener will start working again.

I'd agree with mohssinm, all a remove and reinstall will do is teach you to remove and install.
Fixing this will teach you much more from troubleshooting, to consider/eliminate causes/solutions (critical thinking).
Since should you encounter the same situation on the Job a remove/reinstall will not fix the underlying issue given that you can not discard the data nor the database.
Which linux distro do you use?  Did you use an RPM or a DPKG to install it?
rpm -qa | grep <App R12 package name>
rpm -e <App R12 package name>

dpkg --list | grep <App R12 package name>
dpkg -r <App R12 package name>

not sure you want to remove it so that you can reinstall it? What is it you are trying to fix?

There is a way to use rpm/dpkg for the package to be verified.
If you are on Solaris, you use use the pkginfo and pkgrm to remove the package
Devinder Singh VirdiLead Oracle DBA TeamAuthor Commented:
I installed using rapid wiz, and for my practice I want to uninstall it.
I am also having lots of problems, so i am thinking of reinstalling it and after that I will note every steps I am doing.
Also which Tns and Listener files is used by db owner?
actually I changed DB name and now not able to start listener, tnsping etc. I am getting ORA-12154
This is also one of the reason I am want to reinstall everything.
But if I can fix all these without reinstall that will be the best solution.
Following are the current problems:
1. able to connect DB without using net services otherwise getting ORA 12154 error.
2. unable to use
3. In order to try the command sh APPS/<APPS password> I forgot APPS password. Dont know how to change it. I can use ALTER USER command, but not sure if that is the correct way or not.
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Hi ,

   Try using rm -rf to delete all folder related
Devinder Singh VirdiLead Oracle DBA TeamAuthor Commented:
That the final solution, but i am looking one step prior.
mohssinmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Fix those problem without reinstall will give you good experiance .
Devinder Singh VirdiLead Oracle DBA TeamAuthor Commented:
Here is the first problem. I am not able to do tnsping. I did the following

tnsping DEVDB
TNS Ping Utility for Linux: Version - Production on 13-MAR-2011 22:43:58
Copyright (c) 1997, 2008, Oracle.  All rights reserved.
Used parameter files:
TNS-03505: Failed to resolve name

Above statement is looking for which parameter file. Since I already changed DB name, Instance name and few directories names as well, but need to know if that effects this utility for 11g.

Another thing is ps -ef | grep smon is giving me OLD database name.
Devinder Singh VirdiLead Oracle DBA TeamAuthor Commented:
Also the command CREATE SPFILE FROM PFILE='.....'  created the spfile with OLD dbname.
Am I missing something in renaming DB?
do you have the tnsname.ora
Which system are you on Linux Centos/RedHAT, Debian version or Solaris?

Provide some use of oracle command line tools to make adjustments to the configuration.
Devinder Singh VirdiLead Oracle DBA TeamAuthor Commented:
Got the answer of ps -ef| grep smon
database was down and I used OLD ORACLE_SID to connect. Since pfile has correct database name and instance name, from database point of view it was showing me correct values when using
but echo $ORACLE_SID gave me old name and when I changed this and restarted the database, everthing looks normal.

I changed OS variable to point correct tnsnames.ora by modifying TNS_ADMIN variable.
Now I have to see listener one.
Devinder Singh VirdiLead Oracle DBA TeamAuthor Commented:
I noticed couple of variables problem in my apps environment files as well as in listener file.
ie, I was using DEVDB database therefore my entries were like this:
SID_LIST_LISTENER = (.....) , I need to change this as SID_LIST_DEVDB
I dont know the concept of ifile, which is last statement of listener.
This file has only 2 bytes.

I think now i can relink Apps with new DB.
I will get back to you soon.
Devinder Singh VirdiLead Oracle DBA TeamAuthor Commented:
I found most of the answer without reinstalling it.
I am opening new thread for other problems.

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