Router: HP Procurve 5412


1) I saw in a company; they just bought the new HP Procurve 5412
2) The consultant said that they would install the Firmware and needed the Reboot
3) My questions: i) What does it mean "by installing the firmware"?, ii) How to do it or what ios commands will be used?
4) Thank you

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jburgaardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
When I upgrade firmware (software on switch) I prefer to use TFTP (instead of using serial interface)
So from  HP's homepage search and download latest software for switch to PC:,en&cc=us,us&prodSeriesId=1827663
from here there will be a link to release notes : 
at page 3 you will find syntax and examples.
Of cause you should read release notes. There could be important info.
Fire up TFTP(fx solarwinds) on PC and copy to switch.
Boot & cross fingers.

show flash (what is currenly installed)
copy tftp flash <ip-address> <remote-os-file> [ < primary | secondary > ] (to copy from PC to switch)
boot system flash [ < primary | secondary > ] (to run the new software)

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