winXP: firewall: want to block all ports except for those in my LAN, how?

Hello Experts,

I want to block all ports in my winXP machine except for those in my LAN, how do I do that?

here is the policy I would like to set:

1. only traffic within my LAN
2. no internet packets allowed (not using this machine as a router)
3. I am RDPing to this computer via my own LAN... that's the only traffic allowed....

thanks experts....

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Acosta Technology ServicesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Block all ports except for 3389, that should allow only RDP to come in.
palinitrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Turn the firewall on and then add an exception for port 3389 and set the scope of the port to "my network only"
epifanio67Author Commented:
thank you experts,

I get a message saying that the port is being used for my RDP...

Under scope, I specified the only IP address allowed...

if I block all these ports, do I still need virus protection?

Acosta Technology ServicesCommented:
If you aren't sharing any data through the RDP session (clipboard, drives, etc) than there shouldn't be any virus issues.  How will data be getting on that machine?
epifanio67Author Commented:
thank you experts...

got it...

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