Hibernate Example


I am trying following Hibernate example on MyEclipse IDE


I was able to do until


Figure 8. Hibernate Configuration file with Oracle connectivity configured

You may use the Properties section to add and edit properties.


Later on I was struck.

I was able to add new property max_fetch_depth also.

But  Later on I could not see files like
 AbstractBonus.java, Bonus.hbm.xml, Bonus.java, SessionManager.java.

 Please advise. any ideas, suggestions, sample code, resources highly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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Sathish David Kumar NConnect With a Mentor ArchitectCommented:
If it again not there then see your error.log file (try to create again and see error log file )
objectsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are they the generated classes?

Have a look at: 5.4  Creating a Hibernate Java Table Mapping  
Sathish David Kumar NArchitectCommented:
can you press

ctr + shift + R -------------> then type any of the file which you mention ?  then tell me what should be the result ?
gudii9Author Commented:
still could not see. please advise
Sathish David Kumar NArchitectCommented:
right click on ur work spece and press F5 may be your not sync your project !

and try my above(last) comment !!
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