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system seems to be bouncing both meeting requests, and meeting RSVPs from an external source

Hi Experts,
I have an external person (user.name) claiming that our exchange system seems to be bouncing both meeting requests, and meeting RSVPs from him (PS# this is the only reported incident; not aware of anybody else having this issue)

He is using Google Apps.

NDR he recieves as follows:

From: user.name@seradigm.co.nz
Subject: Accepted: FeRA discussion @ Mon Mar 21 10am - 10:30am (user.something@***.govt.nz)

Could not be delivered because of

Server refused mail at MAIL FROM - 553 MAIL FROM: mailbox name too long

The following recipients were affected:
user.name@***.govt.nz (this is the person in our organization)

Additional Information
Original Sender: <user.name@seradigm.co.nz>
Sender-MTA: <>
Remote-MTA: <>
Reporting-MTA: <mx1.***.govt.nz> (our reporting MTA)
MessageName: <B4d7d761c0000.000000000001.0001.mml>
Last-Attempt-Date: <14:57:49 Mon, 14 March 2011>

What could be the issue here, how to I trouble shoot/resolve this

Many thanks in advance,

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1 Solution
craigleenzAuthor Commented:
any ideas guys and gals????

That appears to be an SMTP 553 error, (see http://bit.ly/fUi1g4 for all error codes) which is caused by:
invalid mail adress specified
There is no public reverse DNS record matching the IP address of the sending server
The sending server has no SPF record
The sending server's MX record is wrongly configured

Given the additional text is 'Mail FROM: mailbox name too long' it would suggest there's something wrong with the way the sender's mail address is formatted and your server is rejecting it.

I'd check your logs on your MTA and maybe also try telnetting to port 25 and trying to manual replicate sending a message with the same smtp address.  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/153119 outlines how to do this.

Hope that helps
craigleenzAuthor Commented:
spot on, issue has been resolved after I suggested the sender check what was suggested with there I.T staff

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