Is there a way to obtain the system date when executing the IBM FTP?

When running a EXEC=FTP on the mainframe, executing the IBM program called FTP is there a way to obtain the system date and then use the system date as part of the file name?
For example, in the following PUT statement, I need to obtain the current date YYYYMMDD:
PUT 'mainframe.file(0)'   YYYYMMDD_server_filename.TXT
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giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A couple of possibilities:

1) If you have a job scheduler typically they have the ability to have variables in the JCL and fill in.  We do this with BMC's Control-M all of the time.  I am sure that other job schedulers have the same featuer/function.

2) Instead of executing FTP in batch, you could setup a REXX that calls FTP and the REXX can get the system date/time and pass everything to FTP.

3) TCP/IP provides a program, EZACFSM1, that you can feed your JCL into and it will resove any system symbols you have coded in it and then you submit the job to the internal reader.

I'm not sure if there is a system symbol for YYYYMMDD, but you could use:


to build it.  The above will get you the date based on GMT time.  If you want local time you would need to use:

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