Not downloading Offline address book files. A server (URL) could not be located

Hey guys,

Well, I have an issue with an error popping up in the sync folder of remote users outlook accounts. I have Outlook Anywhere setup through my SBS08 network and all users are using Outlook 2007. The error that pops up is,

11:27:11 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
11:27:11              Not downloading Offline address book files.  A server (URL) could not be located.
11:27:11       0X8004010F

From my research online it seems to say this is an autodiscover issue. I have read some postings on how to fix it but they are very far more technical than my knowledge is and I have a hard time understanding what it says to do and I dont wanna make any mistakes than cause far greater issues on my network.

Has anyone come across this and able to help me resolve this nagging issue???
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LLMorrissonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Looks like SBS2008 has moved to the UUC type cert. Check out this blog post;

Check for connection problems in your Autodiscovery environment. This tool can give you hints how to solve some isues.

For more info about the Autodiscovery function see and

sbodnarAuthor Commented:
Ok, this is what is coming up now after I added the autodisover to my internal and external DNS:

1. Attempting to test potential Autodiscover URL 
  Testing of this potential Autodiscover URL failed.

2. Testing the SSL certificate to make sure it's valid.
  The SSL certificate failed one or more certificate validation checks.
   Test Steps
   Validating the certificate name.
  Certificate name validation failed.
 Tell me more about this issue and how to resolve it
   Additional Details
  Host name doesn't match any name found on the server certificate SERIALNUMBER=3198347 +,
3. Attempting to contact the Autodiscover service using the DNS SRV redirect method.
  ExRCA failed to contact the Autodiscover service using the DNS SRV redirect method.
   Test Steps
   Attempting to locate SRV record in DNS.
  The Autodiscover SRV record wasn't found in DNS.
   Tell me more about this issue and how to resolve it
Any suggestions? Please remember .. Im running Small Business Server 2008
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sbodnarAuthor Commented:
anyone know anything about the above errors???
>>Host name doesn't match any name found on the server certificate

What type of SSL certificate do you have?  You need to ensure is a listed subject alternate name in your certificate, otherwise it will fail name validation checks as per the above error.

You say you added to DNS, but did you add the SRV record, or just an A/CNAME record? You must provide a host service (SRV) resource record in DNS for Outlook clients to discover the Autodiscover service using DNS.

sbodnarAuthor Commented:
well, the first problem Im realizing in your response is that when I created the cert and had it installed when I was building the server is I had no knowledge about the autodisover feature so it was not included when the cert was created and imported. What can I do about this now?

I didnt add any (SRV) record in my internal DNS. How do I do that??
sbodnarAuthor Commented:
Oh, and I forgot.. I got my cert from Entrust
If it is a SAN/UCC cert you should be able to add the name to the certificate. I note from the entrust website;

Unlimited Additions of SAN's:
Entrust offers unlimited replacements due to required additions of Subject Alt Names (SAN's) (same expiry date as underlying certificate) throughout the life of your certificate, providing the SAN's are purchased or withdrawn from existing inventory.

With regards to the SRV record, have a look at this article which explains the requirements.
sbodnarAuthor Commented:
Do I have to contact Entrust to find out if it is a SAN or is there a way for me to look on my server to see what it is??

What do you mean by purchased or withdrawn from exisiting inventory?
I just pulled that from their page.

I don't know so much about SBS so you may want to wait for a resident SBS expert to chime in, but it is my understanding that you don't necessarily need a SAN/UCC cert for SBS anyway. The wizard allows for a single name cert. Did you go through the wizard when you set it up? It appears above from the errors you have posted that the SRV records in DNS are the mechanism for allowing autodiscover to work regardless of the name in teh certificate in your case.

Try to fix the DNS SRV thing first and then try again. You may find that alone fixes your problem.
sbodnarAuthor Commented:
Ok, so I just spoke to entrust and they said I only have a common name on my cert (which is and no alternate SANS listed. He said that he can add only 1 additional SAN to the cert with what I have purchaed.If i want to add multiple SAN's they will charge me for this.  He also mentioned something about Exchange needing this cert imported because right now its not using the entrust cert???

I am under the impression from other posts I have read that my cert should have multiple SANS such as:

 can anyone clarify this??
sbodnarAuthor Commented:
Ok, so I update my SAN and have everything exactly as its supposed to look. Imported it and it works with the browser confirming everything.

However, I still see that its not downloading the Offline Address Book. When I hold down CTRL and right clicl on the outlook icon in the bottom right hand corner to check the connection status it says under the Local Mailbox tab "Offline address book Connecting to MIcrosoft Exchange"..

Any ideas??
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