Fibre Channel disk

I have a Server 2008 box that has a secondary drive that is a Fibre channel share from a SAN. I have been having issue on it where the disk disappears from the box. A reboot will correct the issue, but I am trying to figure out why it is happening. I have not worked with Fibre Channel before.

basically I see that there are 2 fibre channel adapters in the server and that the MS MPIO service is used for mounting the drive.

What should be the next step in troubleshooting this?
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amwinsitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I agree with andyalder about the cause but even if you have redundant HBAs switches and Controllers you may still have an issue with multipathing Did you check your config in the mpio control panel.

Check out
What type of Array is this server connected to? Is it fabric attached or fabric switched?
ryan80Author Commented:
The server is attached to a brocade switch and then to the SAN. Let me know if this answers your question. I have never worked with Fibre Channel before, although I have worked with IP storage before.

I looked through the event logs and found that I am getting alerts that

Event ID:7
0:0 path failed


Event ID:774
device path information for 0:0:1 has been removed per MPIO notification

Event ID: 18
source: MPIO
A single path fail-over is being attempted on \device\mpiodisk0
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So path failover is initiated presumably due to a failed cable or something like that and the other path doesn't get picked up? I'd get the latest DSM from IBM if you haven't already got it (I assume it's a DS3xxx), it's installed when you install IBM DS storage manager.

Presumably it's connected to two Brocade switches, not one; would be a bit silly having redundant HBAs, redundant controller in the DS but only one switch.
ryan80Author Commented:
I will check on the cables and look at the switch. Once I have some more information on it I will respond back. Probably later today or tomorrow.
andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might also want to fix the speed on both the switch, HBAs and storage, it should auto-negotiate but just like Ethernet it's more stable if fixed.
ryan80Author Commented:

Turns out that there was an old version of the HBA drivers that was causing the issues. After updating the drivers we have not had any issues.

Thanks for the help and education.
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