SSL Implementation

We are implementing security on our new public website. We are using SSL.

In our facilities we utilize Deep Freeze to tighten up our public end PCs. We need to ensure that when the public users who use these PCs go to our website, which will be set to the home page, will not get prompted for SSL at all when we go live.

Is there a simple (simpler) way to deploy the certificates to these PCs? Perhaps a specified location where the Certificate lies that I could blast out in a batch file/registry tweak? We are running a combination of Internet Explorer 7/8 with Windows XP and Windows 7.  

I would like to avoid clicking 'download certificate' on all of our PCs in all of our separate offices.

Any help or suggestions?
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miworksITAuthor Commented:
Thanks. We currently in the testing phase. Will update.
miworksITAuthor Commented:
We deployed the SSL Certificate via GPO, and it worked on our Deep Freeze systems.
Nice one!
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