Cisco AnyConnect Client Image Error: Invalid File Format - Unable to load SVC Image - Extraction Failed

I'm having trouble uploading AnyConnect Client Images to my ASA 5510. I've never seen this error before and can't find it posted online. I've tried uploading various AnyConnect files with the extension mst, exe, targ.gz, and msi files. I'm downloading them directly from the link shown in the ASDM that points me to the Cisco software download page: Products Security Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Cisco VPN Clients Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client v2.x AnyConnect VPN Client Software

I'm running ASDM 6.3 and ASA 8.3(2)

[OK] webvpn
svc image disk0:/anyconnect-win-2.5.0217-k9.pkg 1 regex "Windows NT"
       Invalid file format
ERROR: Unable to load SVC image - extraction failed

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Turns out the MD5 check sum was being changed as the file was downloaded. I downloaded the file using a different connectioned, saved it locally to a USB stick, then I was able to load it into the ASA without and issues. Thank you everyone!
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I know I should be doing this via the CLI. So, I followed the directiions located here and it also fails on step 2.

Here what I typed and the output. Same error as stated previously.

ASA(config)# copy tftp flash

Address or name of remote host []?

Source filename []? anyconnect-dart-win-2.5.2019-k9.pkg

Destination filename [anyconnect-dart-win-2.5.2019-k9.pkg]?

Accessing tftp://!!!!!!!!! (upload output omitted)
Writing file disk0:/anyconnect-dart-win-2.5.2019-k9.pkg...!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (write to disk output omitted)

5278629 bytes copied in 5.590 secs (1055725 bytes/sec)
ASA(config)# webvpn
ASA(config-webvpn)# svc ?

webvpn mode commands/options:
  enable    Enable SSL VPN Client
  image     SSL VPN Client package file path
  profiles  AC profiles package filepath.
ASA(config-webvpn)# svc image anyconnect-dart-win-2.5.2019-k9.pkg ?

webvpn mode commands/options:
  <1-65535>  Order for the SSL VPN Client package
  regex      Specify the regular expression to match this package
ASA(config-webvpn)# svc image anyconnect-dart-win-2.5.2019-k9.pkg 1
ERROR: Invalid file format
ERROR: Unable to load SVC image - extraction failed
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This is now even making less sense to me.

ASA# sh run webvpn
 enable FIOS
 svc enable
 tunnel-group-list enable

ASA(config-webvpn)# sh webvpn svc
SSL VPN Client is not enabled.
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
do you get the same error with the non DART package?

Release Date: 15/FEB/2011
Web deployment package without DART for Windows platforms.
Size: 4577.05 KB (4686889 bytes)
First LastAuthor Commented:
I just tried it as shown below. Same issue unfortunately.

ASA(config-webvpn)# copy tftp flash

Address or name of remote host []?

Source filename [anyconnect-win-2.5.0217-k9.pkg]? anyconnect-win-2.5.2019-k9.$

Destination filename [anyconnect-win-2.5.2019-k9.pkg]?

Accessing tftp://!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Writing file disk0:/anyconnect-win-2.5.2019-k9.pkg...
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4686889 bytes copied in 5.20 secs (937377 bytes/sec)
ASA(config-webvpn)# svc image ?

webvpn mode commands/options:
  disk0:  SSL VPN Client package file path
  disk1:  SSL VPN Client package file path
  flash:  SSL VPN Client package file path
ASA(config-webvpn)# svc image flash:anyconnect-win-2.5.2019-k9.pkg
ERROR: Invalid file format
ERROR: Unable to load SVC image - extraction failed

Here is my sh flash to sh where it is:

ASA(config-webvpn)# sh flash
--#--  --length--  -----date/time------  path
  118  5548032     Dec 31 2002 19:05:38  asa708-k8.bin
  119  4181246     Dec 31 2002 19:05:56  securedesktop-asa-
  120  398305      Dec 31 2002 19:06:10  sslclient-win-
    6  8192        May 26 2010 15:55:16  crypto_archive
  121  6163744     May 26 2010 15:56:50  asdm-508.bin
  123  6889764     Jun 11 2010 01:53:16  asdm-602.bin
  124  15943680    Jun 15 2010 07:41:26  asa831-k8.bin
  125  14240396    Jun 15 2010 07:42:52  asdm-631.bin
    3  8192        Jun 15 2010 07:47:40  log
  126  2684        Jun 15 2010 07:47:50  7_0_8_0_startup_cfg.sav
   13  8192        Jun 15 2010 07:47:56  coredumpinfo
   14  43          Jun 15 2010 07:47:56  coredumpinfo/coredump.cfg
  127  1158        Jun 15 2010 07:47:56  upgrade_startup_errors_201006151147.log
  128  8192        Mar 10 2011 10:41:56  tmp
  129  14812604    Jan 21 2011 22:13:02  asdm-635.bin
  130  15962112    Jan 21 2011 22:13:42  asa832-k8.bin
  131  89          Mar 08 2011 16:25:48  dap.xml
  135  5190144     Mar 14 2011 15:04:21  csd-3.5.2008-windows-k9.msi
  136  12998641    Mar 14 2011 15:06:27  csd_3.5.2008-k9.pkg
  141  5278629     Mar 14 2011 16:32:57  anyconnect-dart-win-2.5.2019-k9.pkg
  142  3866773     Mar 14 2011 16:39:33  anyconnect-win-2.5.0217-k9.pkg
  143  4686889     Mar 14 2011 17:01:12  anyconnect-win-2.5.2019-k9.pkg
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Cisco Support was able to find a resolution.
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