How to configure SAG on Xenapp 6

I am Tryin  to follow article
Hyperlinks to Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3  just pointing to the knowledge base
Trying work  on Part 2: Configure Session Policy and corresponding Session Profile for Citrix Receiver use.

where do I careate new sesion profile?

and where do I create new policy?
if possible step by step.

Create a Session Profile and Session Policy on the Access Gateway to allow incoming XenApp connections from the Citrix Receiver
1.      Create a new Session Profile. The Session Profile‚Äôs Published Applications Tab should be configured to point to the XenApp Services Site created in Part 1.
An example of the CLI command to create the session profile:
add vpn sessionAction CitrixReceiver_Profile -SSO ON -icaProxy ON -wihome http://<servername>/citrix/pnagent/config.xml
2.      Create a new session policy to identify that the connection is from Citrix Receiver. When you create the session policy, configure the following qualifying expression(s):
REQ.HTTP.HEADER User-Agent CONTAINS CitrixReceiver
Note: The above expression allows all variants of Citrix Receiver to leverage the policy.
Example CLI command:
add vpn sessionPolicy CitrixReceiver_Policy "REQ.HTTP.HEADER User-Agent CONTAINS CitrixReceiver" CitrixReceiver_Profile
If you would like to create specific expressions for iPhone/iPad, you could use the qualifiers below in the expression
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jvr006Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry,  the Citrix Web interface Management console replaced the Access Management Console. Number 7 should have read...

7. In the In the Citrix Web interface Management Console, select the XenApp Services site . Select Server settings under action, and then check Use SSL/TLS for communication between plugins and this site. Click OK.
You create the session profile under.. Access Gateway -> Policies -> Session
You'll see a Policies and Profiles tabs
leop1212Author Commented:
and where is Access Gateway POlicies>sesions?
is it under Secura managment console or Web interface management?
please provide full details
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It is in the Netscaler/AGEE management console. You access this by browing the IP of your appliance using your favorite web browser. The default username/password is nsroot/nsroot

Once in to the management interface you will see a list of folders down the left hand side. Expand the Access Gateway one, you'll then see sessions, and then policies.
leop1212Author Commented:
when I brows to locahost
I am getting login to prompt for login to published appications

if i try localhost/Netsclaer/Agee
I am getting 404 not found.
It doesn't sound like you are using Citrix access gateway, which is what the article you sadi you are following is for.

Are you using Citrix Secure Gateway?
leop1212Author Commented:
my goal is to configure xenapp 6 to work with mobile devices like ipad.
i've followed
and now I am kind of lost.
please see my screenshot for what is availble under my all programs >citrix. managment consoles

when I look what is in CTX121360 it refers to "citrix access managent console" wich I can't find.

Ok, so you are using secure gateway. Is it configured and working for regular web access using a purchased public certificate?
leop1212Author Commented:
no purchased certificate yet.
when I connect localy
I am and login I am getting my published app  located on my older 4.5 presentation server
(when to use published ms word getting an error Hint: Unable to find the resource you need? Use Search to locate it for you.
  I just installed my xenapp6 and do not have any applications installed.
I am used to old presentation server but getting lost in the all gateways and new terminlogy.
leop1212Author Commented:
now I see that SAG is an apliance which I do't have
i've istalled Secure Gateway 3.2 I can see Secure Gateway mangement console
but do not see "Citrix Access Management Console" as in
where do I find Citrix Acces managment console?
Ok. I couldn't find anything newer.. Most of it is the same but the following..
1. Create a XenApp Services site in the Citrix Web interface Management Console and configure it to point to your XenApp 4.5 or later Farm.

2. Highlight the site in the Citrix Web interface Management Console and select Secure Access under the actions pane

3-6 are the same

7. In the In the Access Management Console, select the XenApp Services site . Select Server settings under action, and then check Use SSL/TLS for communication between plugins and this site. Click OK.

leop1212Author Commented:
i've alredy done 1-6
i do not see Access managent console. that is my problem. where do find acsess management console?. see my screenshot above (xen6console) for citrix programs menu.
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