Symantec EndPoint Protection server CLient Update

currently running Symantec end point protection 11.0.6005. How can i verify or check the last time a computer checked in and was updated ?  Is there a log or report i can run to see when the virus definition updates where pushed out ?

and finally how can i verifythat the protection manager server was able to update itself ?

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mndthegap1Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The Issue was between the two end point protection servers.
the clients where updating from the site server, but the 2nd site server
was not replicating properly with the main EP server.
after removing the corrupted definitions and resyncing with the main EP server
the new definitions where copied over and the clients got the correct updates.
Have you installed Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager?
AustinComputerLabsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
mndthegap1Author Commented:
reason i accept my own solution
is i have determined what the issue was and resloved it but removing corrputed def. and replicating between EP servesr.
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