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I have a Windows 7 machine which keeps on getting errors when syncing.  It seems I've synced around 59% of his files but only by choosing to ignore when I get errors.  

I've decided its not a good thing to keep ignoring files so has anyone got any solutions?

i get the error "the specified network name is no longer available:.  Ive checked and the files are still there accessible so i don't understand.

Any ideas?  I've attached a couple of screens too.  I've tried disabling offline files and re-enabling but still same errors.  The shares are on a 2008 server I'm trying to sync with.
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CompProbSolvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Clarifying my copy suggestion: try to manually copy the entire folder to a local folder.  That will help identify if this is an access problem of some sort or if it specifically relates to offline files.
Is there any pattern to the files that are not syncing?  For example, does it give the error on the same file each time?

Any chance anyone has the files open?

Are you able to manually copy them to a local folder?
I keep having a similar issue on one of my SBS 2008 clients. It has always been when someone that doesn't normally use that computer logs on with their user name. Think the users may be leaving stuff open or not logging off correctly. Not sure but I always just find the file(s) copy them to a usb drive, ensure that the file is working and intact, then delete from the server and client computer.... copy back to server and then in syncs fine.

wish I knew of an easier way, or the root of the problem.  
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LogicalSolutionsNZAuthor Commented:
I don't see any pattern.  Its weird I was getting the same error on the same files but then I installed all windows updates and now it's erroring on different files.

There is a tiny minute chance one or two of the files were open but not all of them that are getting errors, impossible.

We're talking about 50GB of data Im trying to sync.  Do you want me to test manually copying all the files to a local folder to test what errors, if any, I get there?
correction: *then it syncs fine.*

Also you don't have to use a USB drive, coping the files to another folder works too. =)

What folders are you trying to sync? I don't see why a windows update should change the files that are failing if you only have your data being synced....
LogicalSolutionsNZAuthor Commented:
Just trying to sync the folders in his home drive on the server which holds all of his documents.  I dont either but i'm just reporting what happened.
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