MAC Microsoft Outlook 2011

I use VPN Tracker 6 with MAC Outlook 2011, I show connect, hers what happens. When Outlook first connects Mail will Send or Receive, after about a minute if I attempt to send a email, its shows as if its sending the mail, then times out leaving the mail on the out box.

Yet, the status in the lower conner shows Outlook connected to the Server, if I shut down outlook, then open it, it immediatley sends the email , and checks for new mail then nothing after that ...

Please let me know your thoughts ...

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DIPRAJConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you have antivirus...check the settings, whether it is blocking the traffic or not.
tonyg01Author Commented:
Don't think it has anti. Virus its a Mac Book straight out of the box with outlook then loaded on it I think the issue has to do with the DNS resolving the SBS servers domain over the VPN I replaced it eithe the physical address plus domain

My windows laptops have no issue with the connection, they. Connect to the same sonic wall, however they are using the sonic wall VPN client as opposed to the VPN Tralee
tonyg01Author Commented:
Issue still not resolve, thank you for the suggestion ...
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