Decommission first DominoServer / advice update replications Names.Nsf.


I would like some advice on permanently  shutting down a Domino 6.5 server ‘HANSBNE’ and how to best reconfigure replication of names.nsf and admin4.nsf

1.      HANSBNE was the first Domino server installed and will be replaced by HANSBNE2
2.      Image ABC shows the replication connections

Should I disable all replication schedules on HANSBNE and recreate one for each of the remaining servers on HANBNE2?

Can I create the new replication connections before disabling the existing? Could this cause replication conflict problems etc?

Is there anything else I need to consider?

Thank you.


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kbardinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
How was HANSBNE2 created? Was it a new server with replicas of databases taken from HANSBNE?  Is HANSBNE2 a 6.5 server too?  I agree with larsberntrop that an upgrade is a much easier way of doing things but if you need to introduce a new server there are a couple of other things you should be aware of.

You said that HANSBNE was the original server installed so you will need to change the Administration Server of the Domino Directory (done via the ACL in the address book).  The same needs to happen with the admin4.nsf database.  This is to make sure that the new HANSBNE2 server processes all the admin4 requests.

With the replication I would reverse the roles making HANSBNE2 the primary server that initiates the replication.

There are any number of ways you can copy the Lotus Notes data from one server to another without changing the name of the Domino server so if you can do that it would be preferable, but I've had to move the first Domino server in the domain before and it's relatively pain-free.

You may also want to consider clustering the new server with the old server to allow applications to fail over and not break everyone's database icons on their workspace.

Good luck!
Why not upgrade the existing server?  Make a backup ofcourse, but this saves a lot of work....
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
If you want system A to be completely replaced by system B, you could shut both servers down, copy some items from A to B, and restart B. To be copied are at least:
- notes.ini
- file
- the IP-address and DNS settings
- assuming you already copied all databases and other relevant stuff

This way, B will take over where A stopped.
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ajosephsonAuthor Commented:

Thank for the info.

To clarify the old 6.5 server HANSBNE is no longer in use - it is on and working but all user databases have been moved to HANBNE2 (a Domino 8 server).

I want to take HANSBNE out of the rack.

I’m slightly paranoid I’ll blow-up  Domino Directory.

I think my main concern is ensuring the names.nsf & admin4.nsf were replicating correctly.

As suggested by kbardin I’ll make HANBNE2 the primary server that initiates the replications of names.nsf & admin4.nsf .

However this document discusses Switching administration server – which raises some more questions :

Step1 –

A/   advises  to change  ACL changes  of the ‘Administration server’ – what is this referring to? Ie how is this done?

B/ ‘Also change the owner of the Domino directory’ – how is this done?

Step 3

A/ ‘Change the Domino Administration preferences’ – I’m using Domino Administrator 8.01 – “Administration Preferences” doesn’t appear as a menu option under the File  > Preferences dropdown menu. ?

Thank you for the help.

 - in adminstrator client, goto Files tab, select all files for which you want the new adminsrator.
 - Files:Access Control:Manage...  Choose Advanced
 - change the Admin server setting

B later...
larsberntropConnect With a Mentor Commented:
addendum to 1A:  You really NEED to do this for ANY db that lists the old server as Admin.  Otherwise, the Adminp process cannot do its work, which is very bad practise.

1B This is the Administartion Server of the Domino Directory (names.nsf)

3A Have it here in my client, can you show me a screenshot of the menu?

Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
So why not rename the new server? Have all users already been moved to the new server? Otherwise it's just a matter of: shutdown server, swap notes.ini and, swap IP-address, and start the new server under the old name.
That's why I suggested upgrading the old server......
Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
But you forgot to put new hardware in it...
Pah, Domino is so efficient, that's not needed in this case.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Oh... sorry...
ajosephsonAuthor Commented:
Sorry with the delay getting back.. thank you for the help...


1A & 1B - understood.. thank you.

3A - screen shot attached re  Notes Admin 8.01 File  > Preferences dropdown  "Administration Preferences” not displaying.


All users have been moved to the new server some time ago.

The answer might be here:

Extract from

To enable the Advanced menus in the Notes 8 client select View > Advanced Menus. The advanced menus will always be enabled (unless you disable them by toggling off the View > Advanced Menus choice) even after you have closed and restarted Notes.
yeah just tried that, and if Advanced menus is off, then in the admin client there is no Administration Preferences choice.  Hadn't thought of that...
ajosephsonAuthor Commented:
thank you
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