Dell PowerEdge 1855

I made a stupid purchase I buy a used Dell PowerEdge 1855 server with out KVM Cable and with out tell Username/Password and Ip Address set on server ...
There is a motod to reset all system ? How can I find Ip and User/Password for manage it by web interface management ?

Please Help ?

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bhlgroupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
just another thought, i have trouble running the console/media plugin on any modern version of i.e and java. I only seemed to get this to work by running a vm of xp with standard IE 6 and using java version j2re-1_4_2_05-windows-i586-p

I was then able to load the console/media screens
The default username and pasword is roo/calvin

root / calvin
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zagnolanAuthor Commented:

I know but the prev propriety have change password :( Do you know if there is a procedure for reset with the default factory configure ?
PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
If charles doesn't have the answer ... call Dell Technical Support (800-822-8965) ... support is free in the US, regardless of warranty status.
You can jumper the DRAC/MC to reset the password
zagnolanAuthor Commented:
Great !
Now I can access to Https/Telnet  Manage!!! How can I access to the 10 lame of the blade when i click to console and select the server that i want to view the application display a message box "Failed to open the KVM application. The VM IP address may not be accessible from this computer",
I know that I abuse of you experience but can you tell me how to change ip address of the 10 server for manage it by console ?

Special Thancks
when you access the drac/mc website do you see what type of KVM you have? analogue or digital?

do you see on the left hand side the menu for accessing the console/media?

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