There is something wrong with this website, what is wrong with it?

Dear Experts,

Currently, when I go to, the page looks unformatted and not normal. I have taken a screen shot of it and I post it for your viewing (xing.jpg).

I noticed in my IExplorer 8 there was an error icon at the bottom left of the page. So I expanded it out to view the errors, I attach this in xing2.jpg.

Can someone interpret these errors for me and let me know what the problem is? For instance, does anyone else have this same problem?

FYI the same problem seems to be happening in FireFox.
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ouch_mybrain_Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Resolved itself.
i've visited the website with IE 6 and fireox.
No error(s) popped.
ouch_mybrain_Author Commented:
Thanks Carlsberg but any idea what the problem is based on the screenshots i uploaded?
I am not receiving any errors.  Using Firefox 3.6.15 and IE 8.0.  Everything displays fine for me.

Do these errors persists?  I.E. Could you have hit it during maintenance of upgrade where it errored just during that section of time?

ouch_mybrain_Author Commented:
What can I say, it just eventually started working. No one provided information to contribute to the resolution.
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