Outlook 2007 email gets sent but stays in outbox and keeps sending

My client has just switched hosting to GoDaddy and once I set up their emails they had a problem sending.  Emails would stay in the outbox although the recipient would receive the emails a number of times.  This would usually mean a corrupted pst file which is often caused by importing from another pst file so I have been careful how I have imported/copied their old messages.
The problem that I have is this, after the problem kept happening I found out that they were not using a Genuine copy of Microsoft Office, I installed one copy of Genuine Microsoft Outlook to see if the problem went away.  The problem was immediately resolved (although this problem did not always start immediately). The client has agreed to purchase Genuine Office from me for all of their computers(obviously quite an expense) and I am nervous that the problem only fixed by coincidence.  
What I am looking for is somebody who has experienced the same problem caused by non-genuine office or if there is any other suggestions.
Many thanks

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aliveitConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
thanks for your response, I have resolved this now but I still have a small query;
The customer's copy of Microsoft Office was not genuine, in fact it was Ultimate 2007 and I believe it was quite a widespread Chinese license that was doing the rounds.  Whether they had any problem or not I could not maintain this client without moving them onto genuine licensed copies.

This problem was a convenient way to encourage the client to make the move to genuine as they were of the opinion that unlicensed was fine.

When the install was complete I did think that the problem would have been resolved, however, it was not.  Emails were staying in the outbox, timing out and then being sent again, each time being received by the recipient.  I tried removing the signature for the user and the problem went away immediately, therefore the problem being the size of the signature file as there are a number of .jpg images.
What I have done to resolve this is extend the timeout period to over 4 minutes.  It didn't need this long but just to be sure.
So my remaining query is why is the email taking so long to send with the attachment when it didn't take this long with the previous web host?  I would expect GoDaddy to have the best through speeds available but perhaps not.  What are the limiting factors here?

thanks again for your thoughts

Would first verify that the client does in fact have genuine copies or licensed copied of Microsoft Office.
Would pay to check this because one can get false notices of OS or Office not being genuine from the Microsoft Genuine Advisor thats usually installed by update.
They should know becuase they would have bought it, if they bought it they would have the license keys that came with the copy.

You could save them heaps of money if its just an issue of the genuine advisor not working correctly or conflicting with another application like antivirus.

I would also look at their mailboxs.
Open a new email and try to send it to various addresses. see if they all get stuck.
Would also open a new email and check the delivery options.
The New Email form Outlook uses could be defaulted to delay sending....

Check to see if the client has the original office install media.
If they do, re-install the copies they already have and have likely paid for.

Worst case senario, if you want to test to see if your resolution has worked or not.
You can legally install that "Genuine" Copy of office onto another machine (or Laptop) for testing purposes.
Given you dont leave it on the machine for them to use on a daily basis and is replaced with a New Licensed copy a.s.a.p.
You should be alright, and not dinged to doing anything dodgy.

(usually an office installation can be ran twice, before the install asks you to call MS for a new code)
aliveitAuthor Commented:
I solved this issue myself by experimenting with sending options and the signature
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