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Convert Latitude Longitude to 10ths od a second

I need to convert Latitude Longitude values to Tenths of a second. I currently have the Latitudes and Longitudes saved as  

Longitude: 52.68639
Latitude;    -1.28068

What formula could I use to convert these to tenths of a second.

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1 Solution
Longitude: 52° 41' 11.004"
Latitude: -1° 16' 50.448"

Converting Between Decimal Degrees, Degrees, Minutes and Seconds, and Radians(dd + mm/60 +ss/3600) to Decimal degrees (dd.ff)

dd = whole degrees, mm = minutes, ss = seconds

dd.ff = dd + mm/60 + ss/3600

Example: 30 degrees 15 minutes 22 seconds = 30 + 15/60 + 22/3600 = 30.2561
Decimal degrees (dd.ff) to (dd + mm/60 +ss/3600)

For the reverse conversion, we want to convert dd.ff to dd mm ss. Here ff = the fractional part of a decimal degree.

mm = 60*ff
ss = 60*(fractional part of mm)
Use only the whole number part of mm in the final result.
30.2561 degrees = 30 degrees
.2561*60 = 15.366 minutes
.366 minutes = 22 seconds, so the final result is 30 degrees 15 minutes 22 seconds
I realized the formula above while correct may not be in the most reader friendly format so I will simplify to make it easier. If you don't need it easier at least this way I'll know it makes sense to me too.


52 Degrees

(.68639*60) = 41.1834

41 Minutes

(.1834*60) = 11.004

11 Seconds

Keep going dropping the decimal and multiplying by 60 for further accuracy.
DMS 52 41 11
DM.m 52 41.1834
D.d 52.68639

The formulas are as follows:

Degrees Minutes Seconds to Degrees Minutes.m
Degrees = Degrees
Minutes.m = Minutes + (Seconds / 60)

Degrees Minutes.m to Decimal Degrees
.d = M.m / 60
Decimal Degrees = Degrees + .d
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