Nagios Alert , HP Agent

am getting the following errors in Nagios monitoring, please help me with the cause and resolution to resolve this errors:

CRITICAL      03-15-2011 08:40:57      81d 17h 22m 34s      3/3      Compaq/HP Agent Check: cpqDaCntlrCondition (3:degraded)

CRITICAL      03-15-2011 08:41:08      75d 17h 37m 43s      3/3      Compaq/HP Agent Check: cpqDaCntlrCondition (3:degraded)

T_T i need help!!
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gmbaxterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That looks like an alert for a storage controller. You may have a degraded raid array?
Sanga CollinsSystems AdminCommented:
this looks like an alert from the Compaq/HP agent and not an error with nagios
vordamirAuthor Commented:
and what could i  do? to solve that kind of alerts. plz help! i had  few days using Nagios
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It certainly is the storage controller, here it is in the MIB -
vordamirAuthor Commented:
ty , alot of tanks u help me to solve this problem.
vordamirAuthor Commented:
ty to bouth of u!!! !! alot of thanks !! cya later!!
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