Ad Sense adverts deactivated on a website-how to re-activate them

Hello, Google deactivated the Ad Sense adverts on one of our sites, due to inappropriate comments. Now we removed these comments and made additional settings, disallowing publishing comments without moderation. My question is how to re-activate the adverts on the website . Please bare in mind that the account itself is still active! Thank you !
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meb_santosoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
contact google adsense departement :-) (yes, I know it's too obvious, but they are the ones that can give the best solution)
goliveukAuthor Commented:
Thanks , we already did so. Has anyone been in that situation. How long did you wait until your ads were re-enabled? Thanks again.Regards
goliveukAuthor Commented:
Hi, they answered.
Unfortunately, they said "the website is no longer eligible for participation".

Is there a way to solve that issue or their decisions are always final?


I also did encounter such situation, and too bad they never lift the "ban" from the URL that they have placed into the so-called "black list".
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