Cisco 12000 Series PRP-2 question

I am in the market to upgrade my companies old Cisco 12000 series routers from PRP-1 routing engines to PRP-2 routing engines.
I see that Cisco sells 3 types

Its my understanding that I would buy 2 PRP-2 and install one would become Active the other Standby, just like the PRP-1 cards do. My question is, what the heck is this PRP-2/R routing engine, all the info that I could find from Cisco is that its a "redundant PRP, so this means that for every Cisco 12000 series that I want to bump up from PRP-1 to the PRP-2s, then I would need to purchase a PRP-2 and a PRP-2/R? This is very confusing, and I don't have a Cisco contract to call a Cisco Sales Engineer to clarify this, and cant find anything on the Internet to get a handle on this.

Thanks in advance

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gravydog88Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found my answer, the PRP-2/R is just a PRP-2 card.
I am closing out my question

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