exchange 2010 mailbox server with exchange 2007 Hub Transport Issue

Hi, i have recently add a exchange 2010 server to our exchange 2007 email group. What im trying to do is have the 2010 box just be mail box storage and use the 2007 box to route all the mail. Now i can move mailboxes between the servers with no issues. But when i login to an account that's on the 2010 box i cant send or receive emails. Sent emails stay in the drafts folder and send mail to that account doesn't show up and no delivery error from the 2007 box.

Mail flow is as follows:
Internet -->exchange2007as hub --->exchange2010mailbox

I get this error on the 2010 box.

Service MSExchangeMailSubmission. There is no available HubTransport server in the local site.

Am i missing something or cant this be done?
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waleedaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
referring to the article
you should install HUB Transport role on the new exchange MB 2010 server
nshuttersAuthor Commented:
also if a user on exchange 2010 sends an email to another user on exchange 2010 the message does not send it sits in the drafts folder.
you need to define a HUB Transport Role server to that Site

nshuttersAuthor Commented:
right now i want to leave the hub transport on the exchange 2007 box, i dont see anywhere in the link on how to do that.

would installing the hub service on the exchange 2010 box let me do this while still having mail flow between the two boxes?
nshuttersAuthor Commented:
Ok got it to work after i installed the hub on the 2010 server. Thanks
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